Liquid Cooled Container Energy Storage System


1. Intelligent temperature control to reduce the power consumption of the system.

2. Pre-installed design for easy overall transport.

3. Hierarchical fire protection design, early warning system security status.

4. Cell health detection, early warning of unhealthy cells.

5. Prefabricated compartment installation scheme, convenient installation and maintenance.

6. Separate design, easy maintenance.


Liquid Cooled Energy Storage Standard Cabinet




1. Industry leading lithium iron phosphate cell, high efficiency and safety, prolong cycle life.

2. Highly integrated system, compact design, reducing area occupied.

3. Integrated liquid cooling temperature control system, stable temperature difference, safe and reliable.

4. Modular design, easy transportation and installation, fast delivery.

5. With the deep learning of system algorithm, collecting the status information of each component in real time and displaying it on the intelligent terminal.